Husband: Henry Jr GOODMAN 1
 about 1719
 in Nansemond Co. Virginia 2
Died: Unknown
Misc: (See Gen Notes)
 Tax List; , Chowan Co. North Carolina 3
Wife: Mary PIPKIN
 about 1728
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 4 5 6
 before 1783
 in , Gates County, North Carolina 7
Father: John PIPKIN
Mother: Martha GOODMAN

Additional Information


Spanish War Soldier, 23 Nov 1754, Capt. Charles King's Company, North Carolina Militia
Pasquotauk Co[unty], NC [North Carolina], the militia rolls of 1754-5 list William Goodman, Joel Goodman, and Henry Goodman, all known descendants of William and Rebeccah Goodman. Also in that county were Robert Bayley and several other Bayleys, who were probably descended from the Anselm Baley who was on the Surry Co[unty], VA [Virginia] militia roll with William Goodman in 1687. Also there were: Joseph Richardson, Stephen Richardson, several Overtons, HOWARD PIPKIN and ISAAC PIPKIN, Trustram and Jesse Bethea, John Drury, and Joseph Ferrill. These are all names that recur in later Goodman lines of early TN [Tennessee] and KY [Kentucky]. In 1790 in Greene Co[unty], TN [Tennessee], previously part of Rowan Co[utny], NC [North Carolina], a Joseph Richardson was named as guardian for Stephen, Sarah and Rachel Goodman, and John Richardson the guardian of Robert and Amos Goodman, all the children of John Goodman, who apparently died in that year. It is possible that this John Goodman may have been the John Goodman who was Entry Taker (recorder of land sales) for Edgecombe Co[unty], NC [North Carolina], and whose accounts were listed as delinquent in 1790 (Colonial Records ofNC). This John Goodman was related to the Joel, Timothy, William and Henry Goodmans of Gates Co]unty], and probably those of the same name in Dobbs Co[unty], NC [North Carolina]. Those accounts may have been delinquent due to his death in that year, the news of which may not have reached the capital when the delinquency was noted.
12 Dec 1796 Frances Saunders and Ann Saunders, wife of Frances to Jethro Sumner of Nanesmond Co[unty], VA [Virginia]- $450 120a. plantation whereon we now live North side of Cyprus Swamp joining land that Sd.[said] Sumner purchased of Uriah and John Odom, Henry Speight, John Lang and land that the Sd. Lang bought of William Saunders.
Frances (X) Saunders
Wts: Henry Goodman, Isaac Pipkin, Junr, San Saunders


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