Husband: Lewis PIPKIN 1
 about 1707
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 2 3 4 5
 about 1731
 in , Craven County, North Carolina 11
 MAR 1762
 in , Dobbs County, North Carolina 6
Father: John PIPKIN
Mother: Mary STEWARD
Occupation: Planter; , , North Carolina 7
Military: Revolutionary War Soldier 8
Misc: (See Gen. Notes)
Wife: Mary MARTIN
 24 OCT 1715
 in , , North Carolina 9
 in , Dobbs County, North Carolina 10

Additional Information


REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER. North Carolina Militia. A List of Officers of the Dobbs County Militia, March 11, 1761 (In G.O. 146 Archives. See same vol[ume] on page 66 for justices Feb. 28, 1764, Nov. 29, 1766 and Nov, 29, 1768)
He later moved to Dobbs Co[unty], N.C. [North Carolina] & was the Capt. Lewis Pipkin of the N.C. [North Carolina] Militia who was listed as having died in March 1762.
Wayne County, NC [North Carolina] - Lewis Pipkin, S/o John Pipkin III & Martha Goodman, Lewis Pipkin - Very few records have been found for Lewis Pipkin. He is named in his father's will (John Pipkin of Chowan County, N. C. [North Carolina] 1745) "I give and bequeath to my two sons Lewis Pipkin and Isaac Pipkin being part of the survey of Land I now live upon Southward I give to my son Lewis Pipkin and the west part to my son Isaac Pipkin I give to them and their hirs forever -- and I devise that (if) either of the three Daniell Pipkin, Lewis Pipkin or Isaac Pipkin shoulddye that then their land - to fall to their brothers. ----son Lewis Pipkin two leather chairs, two pewter dishes, three plates, two cows, calf and young steer, two sheep. ----In case any of my children herein mentioned should dye before they come to age ---" It is difficult to ascertain if Lewis was of age when this will was written but it is doubtful that he was. The next record found for LEWIS PIPKIN is in the Johnston County Deeds Index, so he evidently moved westward with or followed his brothers. According to Mr. Charles R. Hollaman (co-author of Lenoir County and the Kinston Area) Lewis Pipkin bought land from James Barbee about 1751. (Johnston County Index, Book 2, page 123) The next time we find his name is in Book 5, page 529 (1758 to 1761) "Lewis Pipkin to Richard Cogdell" A few of the land grants mention 'then to Lewis Pipkin's line' but this may be the Lewis Pipkin found in the 1790 census of Dobbs County, who has not been identified at this time - (I wonder if he was a son of the earlier Lewis), If the records for Johnston, Dobbs and Lenoir Counties had not burned in 1878 in Lenoir County, we probably could have found more data concerning Lewis, There may have been a marriage and a will which named his wife and children.
Henry Goodman, Lt. Promoted to Capt. during this year.
Lewis Pipkin, Captain, Died during the year,
Jethro McKennie, Lt. Promoted to Capt. to replace Pipkin.
James Pipkin, Ensign - Commissioned as such to replace McKennie.
(who was James? He is not found again in records that I have seen. So, we presume that Lewis Pipkin died. Mr. Charles R. Holloman Sr. wrote "According to my notes one Lewis Pipkin of Dobbs County was a Captain of a Militia Company and died in the year 1763. However, we have lists of wills probated and Letters of Administration issued from
1763, including half of that year, to 1772 and Lewis is not shown on it at all. I take it he died very early in that year, 1763. (Or 1761). The Tax List of Dobbs for 1769 (ten years before Wayne was separated off) shows the following Pipkin males of age 16 and upward: Joseph Pipkin and his son
Elisha Willis Pipkin
Jesse Pipkin
John Pipkin and his son Jesse (thus two Jesses)
Luke Pipkin
Arthur Pipkin


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