John PIPKIN & Elizabeth HOWE

Husband: John PIPKIN 1
 about 1641
 in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, England 2 3 4
 29 OCT 1661
 in , Surrey County, Virginia 22 23 24
 about 1721
 in , Surrey County, Virginia 5 6 7
 about 1659
 Virginia Colony 8
Misc: (See Gen. Notes)
Wife: Elizabeth HOWE
 about 1644
 in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, England 9 10 11
 about 1681
 in , Surrey County, Virginia 12 13 14
Father: William HOWE
Mother: Unknown HOWE
01  (M): John PIPKIN 15
 23 FEB 1677
 in , Surrey County, Virginia 16 17 18
 21 MAY 1745
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 19 20 21
Spouses: Mary STEWARD; Martha GOODMAN

Additional Information


It is believed by this writer that John Pipkin III 1677-1745 who left a WILL in Chowan Co[unty]. North Carolina was born in Surry Co[unty]. Virginia. His Father, John Pipkin II 1646-1721 was born in Bedfordshire, England & migrated with the HOWE family & very probably with the BENJAMIN GOODMAN family to the Virginia Colony in the later part of the 1650s from Bedfordshire, England. The GOODMAN/HOWE & PIPKIN families were closely associated not only here in America but also in Bedfordshire, England. But as of this writing no Emigration Documents, Ships Passenger Lists or any other kind of Creditable Documentation has surfaced to say exactly which "PIPKIN" migrated to America & from where. The earliest "PIPKIN" to show up on any kind of American Records was in 1665 Court Records of Surrey Co[unty]. Virginia for a "JOHN PITKIN/PIPKIN". Spelled both ways. On several occasions in my research, I have come across information suggestingthat our paticular "PIPKIN" family is of "IRISH" or "SCOTISH" origin. Very few records can be found concerning the "PIPKIN" surname in either Scotland or Ireland though. By the time that the United States had the first federal census in 1790, there were 130 + families with a "Pipkin" head of house in America. [CLINT PIPKIN]
Hello Pipkin Family, as I have stated before, early records of our family continue to surface in Surry Co[unty] Virginia. I just recieved the below records from a fellow researcher who specializes in early Virginia Colony records. This new information opens up a whole new area in our Family Tree/Research. The JOHN PIPKIN listed below in 1665 is to old to be our JOHN PIPKIN III who died in May 1745 in North Carolina & the JOHN of 1665 would have to be an ADULT to be in any kind of Court records. Therefore I'll assume that he is at least 20 years old & probably older than that. That would put his birth date at abt ca 1645. To early to be our JOHN PIPKIN III who died in 1745. So, who is this JOHN PIPKIN of 1665 in Surry Co[unty], Virginia??? I will make a WILD guess & say that he is probably the father of our JOHN PIPKIN III who died in 1745 in North Carolina. But when did he come to America??? The ealiest documented PIPKIN-PITKIN Imigrant to America is WILLIAM PITKIN in abt 1633 to Conneticut. A Statesman & his Ancestry & Descendentsare fairly well documented here in America & in England. WILLIAM PITKIN also had a son named JOHN born 1623 in England died [in] in Conneticut. I can find no evidence that he was in Virginia though. The BIG question here is when did the JOHN PIPKIN Family come to America??? & on what Ship??? & from what part of England??? I checked the Surry Co[unty] books for Pitkin. I didn't find much- but here goes:

Surry County Virginia Court Records (Deed Book 1) 1664 thru 1671 Book II by Weynette Parks Haun , p. 48 (P. 307 in Deed bk)
5 Jan 1665 John Pipken, planter, makes John Salway his attorney. Witness:
John Hobourne, John Bedford p. 105 (p. 309) John Pitkin - witness for a suit against Thomas Pitman by John Barber
15 Sep 1668 Surry County Records by Elizabeth T. Davis p. 84 (p. 298 in record book)
Aug 31, 1668 John Barber, makes Mr. Richard Lawrence his attorney in a debt Thomas Pitman. Witness: Peleg Dunslaw, Thomas Gully, John Pitkin
Seventeenth Centurey Colonial Ancestors of the Members of the National Society Colonial Dames by Mary Louise Marshall Hutton p. 200 Pitkins, Wm. (1635-94) Conn; m. Hannah Goodwin; attorney general; assembleman.
American Wills Proved in London 1611-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham
p. 228
JAMES PITKIN of Hartford, CT [Conneticut] Lt. of the First CT.[Conneticut] of Foot who died in Havannah, bachelor) dated 2 Jun 1761. To my mother ESTHER PITKIN my cow and the product of half my lands during her lifetime. all my lands, oxen & horse to my brother DANIEL PITKIN who is to be my exec. Wits: Jonathan Stanley, James Bidwell, and ELISHA PITKIN.


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