Husband: John PIPKIN 1
 23 FEB 1677
 in , Surrey County, Virginia 2 3 4
 about 1722
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 44 45 46 47 48
 21 MAY 1745
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 5 6 7
Father: John PIPKIN
Mother: Elizabeth HOWE
Spouses: Mary STEWARD
 MAY 1745
 , Chowan County, North Carolina 8
 Planter; , Nansemond County, Virginia 9 10
 Planter; , Nansemond County, Virginia 11
Misc: (See Gen. Notes)
 Jury Duty; , Chowan County, North Carolina 12
Wife: Martha GOODMAN 13
 about 1695
 in , Surrey County, Virginia 14 15 16
 in , Northampton County, North Carolina 17
Father: Henry GOODMAN
Mother: Unknown UNKNOWN
Misc: (See Gen. Notes)
01  (M): Daniel PIPKIN
 about 1725
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 18 19 20
 before 19 FEB 1788
 in , Wayne County, North Carolina 21
Spouses: Susannah YOUNG
02  (M): Jesse PIPKIN
 about 1726
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 22 23 24
 JAN 1815
 in , Lenoir County, North Carolina 25
Spouses: Fereba (Charlotte) (Ukn) PIPKIN
03  (F): Mary PIPKIN
 about 1728
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 26 27 28
 before 1783
 in , Gates County, North Carolina 29
Spouses: Henry Jr GOODMAN
04  (M): Isaac PIPKIN 30
 about 1731
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 31 32 33
 23 JAN 1814
 in , Gates County, North Carolina 34
Spouses: Charity GOODMAN
05  (F): Martha PIPKIN
 about 1733
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 35 36 37
 about 1748
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 38
06  (M): Philip PIPKIN 39
 about 1735
 in , Chowan County, North Carolina 40 41 42
 after 1805
 in , Pitt County, North Carolina 43
Spouses: Martha PARIS

Additional Information


"JOHN PIPKIN III 1677-1745"
It is believed by this writer that "John Pipkin III" was born in Surrey Co. Virgina. His father "John Pipkin II" migrated to Virginia Colony abt 1659 from Bedfordshire, England. John Pipkin III is on the "Quits Rent List" of Nanesmond Co. North Carolina in 1704. This is the earliest that John Pipkin III shows up in any kind of offical records. His father, however, shows up on several occasions in Surrey Co. Virgina court documents as early as 1665. John Pipkin III was a "Planter" in North Carolina. Very probably a planter of tobacco, as that was the major export crop of the area & for that time era. John Pipkin III was a large slave owner in North Carolina & farmed several hundred acres of land. I have been able to count no less than 17 slaves that John Pipkin III owned & he also held the indenturment contract of at least one man named Adam Knight in 1711 in Chowan Co. North Carolina. John Pipkin III seems to have been a fairly quiet man politically, as he doesn't show up on very many colonial
documents. But he also seems to be quite active in social affairs. As he was a "Witness" on several land Contracts/Documents for his friends, neighbors & relation. His sons, however, were a different story as you'll see when you navigate your way through this web site.It is also quite obvious that John Pipkin III was a very religious man as his "WILL" would indicate. It appears that John Pipkin III had no formal education, as all documents that bare his signature are marked with an X. This indicates that he came from a modest if not poor family back ground. It is very possible, if not probable, that John Pipkin III was married before Martha Goodman. Some researchers have suggested that her name was "Mary Steward", due to the age difference between sons "Steward" & "Daniel", and the son named "Steward". Of the
10 Children "Steward" is the only one that doesn't have a Biblical name. Was he named after his mother?? Did "Mary Steward" die in child birth with "Steward"?? I think that it is very possible, if not probably. There were a few "Steward" families in the Chowan
Co[unty], North Carolina area during this time. John Pipkin III's second wife at his death in May 1745 was "Martha". Some researches have suggested that her maiden name was Martha "Goodman". However, no documentation has surfaced to say exactly what her maiden was. The reason that I & other Pipkin Family researches think that this is the case, is based on the fact that "William Goodman", who was a close friend & neighbor of John Pipkin III, had a daughter named Martha. This is all that we have to go on for her. Martha's death place or date wasn't even recorded by the Pipkin Family.

In 1704 when John Pipkin III first appeared on the "Quits Rents List" he was, lets say,
a "Humble Man of Means". By the time that he purchases the indenturment contract of Adam Knight in 1711, John seems to have come a long way in his pursuit of wealth. When he died in May 1745 he had already established his older children on thier own plantations & left a small fortune by colonial standards to his wife, Martha, & his youngest children, who were under age. [CHEERS CLINT PIPKIN]
John Pipkin III is mentioned a number of times in early NC [North Carolina] records following the land grant. He wasa juryman in Chowan Precinct in 1723 (Vol 25, pg 186 of NC [North Carolina] Colonial & State Records). He witnessed land transactions in 1725. The following extract of deeds are all that I have in which John Pipkin Sr. was principal: Chowan County Deed Book W, pg. 206-207. John Pipkin Sr. to John Pipkin Jr. 17 Jan 1732. For an unspecified amount of shillings, a part of the patent granted to Charles Scott on 17 April 1694, beginning at the mouth of a branch that runs out of(Nickel) Swamp and running up the swamp to beginning of the patent line to amarked hickory, then to a number of indentified.........................


N/H Co., NC [North Carolina] Deeds,
Mar 31, 1769 DB4, P 896 (255) Martha <b>Langston</b>, of N/H [Northampton] Co[unty], NC [North Carolina] to her son Steward Pipkin, of same, deed of gift, 2 Negroes, certain livestock and household goods.
Sig: Martha X Langston Wts: Mary X Umphlett Chas. Thompson June Crt, 1769 Willie Jones, CC
Judging by the record above it appears that Martha remarried aft the death of John
Pipkin III. I have checked with a "Langston" family genealogy researcher & she tells me that there were only 2 "Langston" men in Northampton Co[unty]. North Carolina in1769. A "William Langston" & his brother "John Langston". I haven't been able to establish which one Martha Pipkin married aft the death of John Pipkin III. This record also brings up the question Martha the real mother of Steward??? Or his Step Mother???. Also why wasn't any of the other children given anything??? Was this Martha's "WILL" of sorts??? Or was she just helping Steward thru some hard times??? [Clint Pipkin]


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