James TINGLE & Elizabeth ROE

Husband: James TINGLE
 about 1764
 in , , North Carolina 1
 in , , North Carolina 6
 about 1824
 in , , North Carolina 2
Father: James TINGLE
Mother: Elizabeth GRINDER
Wife: Elizabeth ROE
 about 1770
 in , , North Carolina 3
Died: Unknown
01  (M): Esau TINGLE
 about 1790
 in , , North Carolina 4
Died: about 1853 5
Spouses: Anna WILLIAMS

Additional Information

Died: about 1824, , , North Carolina 2
Will of James Tingle, 1824 (son of James Tingle and Elizabeth Grinder; grandson of Hugh Tingle, Jr.): "In the name of God amen I JAMES TINGEL of the County of Craven and State of North Carolina being sick but of a sound and perfect mind sence thanks bee to God for it and Calling to mind that all flesh mustDie and after this life to Judgement I do order this to bee my last Will andTestament First of all I comit my soul to god who gave it and my body to theearth to be Decently buried at the Discretion of my Executors hear after named first of all I give & Dispose of my worldly Estate as follows first I give& bequeath to my beloved wife ELIBETH one loom and two wheels one wollin andlinning where next I allso giv my wife ELIBETH all of my kitchen furniture Such as pots and kittles and I also give my wife ELIBETH my Small canoe and also my hand mill and my plantation tooles such as axes and hose and I also give my wife ELIBETH one Cow and yearling by the name of may Item I give to my son WILLIAM TINGLE one muskit and I allso give my WILLIAM one Cow and yearlingby the name of ___ and I allso give my son WILLIAM one Steare by the nam of Samson I also give my Small gun to my son JAMES TINGLE next I give my big Canoe to my son JAMES next I give my son JAMES two heffers one by the name of peg and the other mottle and I also give my son JAMES one steer ny the name of Lane. and I also give my son THOMAS one Cow and Calf by the name of White and I also give my son THOMAS one youk of oxen for the use I also giv my son JAMES one bed and furniture and I also give my son WILLIAM one bed at my wifesdeath and I also give my three youngest sons two hundred acres of land to wit WILLIAM JAMES and THOMAS to bee equally divided between them and I allso give my Son THOMAS one ___kill I allso leave one cow for beef for the youse of the family and I allso give my three Sones two yacres a peace to wit WILLIAM JAMES and THOMAS and I also give my son JAMES one peace of span__ moles (?) and I also give my son EASU one bull and my desire is that my Beloved wife ELIZABETH shall have her life in all the rest of my stock of every kind & all myhousehold & furniture of all sort during her natural life without any dispute or disturbence decently to dispose of at her own deiscretion & at her deathto be Eaqually divided between my four Children to wit EASU WILLIAM JAMES and THOMAS I appoint my son JAMES & THOMAS TINGLE my worldly Executors Signed in the presents of us this 23d day of April 1824 test PHILLIP T. HOLTON JOSHUA RICE" (neither signature nor mark of JAMES TINGLE visible) "Craven County Court August Term ad 1824 The foregoing N____ssative Will of JAMES TINGLE wasproved in open Court & in due form of law by the oaths of PHILIP T HOLTON and JOSHUA RICE. Attest J. G TRAN___ Clerk" Handwritten over the proven notice above: "ELIZABETH TINGLE - Widow ESAU WM. JAS THOS. (enfant) by _________ Your Notice -- under Act of 1784" Source: Craven County Wills, North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC, CR028.801.23.


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