Major Willoughby DIXON & Gillian "Gillie" Frances TINGLE

Husband: Major Willoughby DIXON 1
 01 DEC 1857
 in , Pamlico County, North Carolina 2
 24 MAR 1885
 in , Pamlico County, North Carolina 15 16
 18 DEC 1922
 in , Pamlico County, North Carolina 3
Father: Vinston Winston DIXON
Mother: Mary Jane BROUGHTON
 , Craven County, North Carolina 4
Misc: (See Gen. Notes)
Wife: Gillian "Gillie" Frances TINGLE
 in Goose Creek, Craven, North Carolina 5
 in , Pamlico County, North Carolina 6
Father: John William TINGLE
Mother: Clarissa H. PIPKIN
 Bay River, Craven, North Carolina 7
 , Pamlico County, North Carolina 8
01  (F): Olive "Ollie" Mae DIXON 9 10
 about 1897
 in , , North Carolina 11 12
 16 MAY 1949
 in , Craven County, North Carolina 13 14
Spouses: James Monroe LITTLETON

Additional Information

Major Willoughby DIXON:

MAJOR WILLOUGHBY DIXON, was the son of Vinston Winston Dixon and Mary Jane Broughton. He is listed in the 1860 Craven Co., NC Census in his father's household
#508; as being 2 months, male, white.
According to the book CROSSROADS, ARAPAHOE, NORTH CAROLINA, Pg. # 147. Written by: Ms. Dixie Tingle - Willis, and the late Thelma Bennett.
Major Dixon's father Vinston and Mary, lived at where the Crossroads in Arapahoe, North Carolina. (St. Rd. # 1005) to the now called Blango Town Rd. About 1/2 mile past the Ben Johnson house was road thatled to the Mill Dam, on the head of Dawson's Creek. Vinston was a large owner. It has been told by Vinston's family descendants that he owned up to 5,000 acres in Pamlico Co[unty]., NC [North Carolina] . During the Civil War, the grinding stones from his mill where put into a boat and sunk.
Major Dixon, was born on December 1, 1857 and Died on December 18, 1922. He married Gillie F. Tingle on March 24, 1885, daughter of John Tingle and Clarissa Pipkin. She was born in 1867 and died abt. 1928.
Major Dixon, was the grandson of Gideon C. Dixon, and the great, great, grandson of Soloman Dixon, Sr., and the great, great, great, grandsonof Silvaneous Dixon of Portsmouth Island, NC [North Carolina].
Major Dixon and Gillie F. Tingle had the following children:
Major Jack Dixon
Ollie Mae Dixon married a ?,Littleton
Monterey D. Dixon, daughter, b. abt. 1885 died after May 8, 1915. She first married a Nathan Cahoon, and second she married Benjamin F. Griffin.She is possibly buried in the Trent Free Will Baptist Cemetery. This is currently being researched further by someone else.
Vinston Weston Dixon, b. April 25, 1888 d. October 13, 1948, Arapahoe, Pamlico Co., NC
Mary "Maime" J. Dixon, b. abt. 1890 married Paul Cahoon, June 3, 1909, at the residence of J. P. Swindell, Pamlico Co., NC.
John "Johnny" T. Dixon, born January 25, 1898; died: August 22, 1967.
Ephriam "Eaffie" Dixon, born 1900.
Ephriam "Eaffie" Dixon, born 1900.


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