The Journey Across

excepts from  “Memories From My Grandmother”


Table of Contents


1.            Webmaster’s Introduction

2.            Rezabek Pedigree & Family Group Sheets

3.            Bark Capella Partial Ship Passenger List – Image

4.            Bark Capella Transcribed Partial Passenger List

5.            Introduction of 2nd Release to “Memories from My Grandmother” by Marci Christensen

6.            Original Introduction to “Memories from My Grandmother” by Marci Christensen

7.            Repercussions of Martin

8.            The Girls Go to America

9.            Taking the Bones to the Bone House

10.         Barque Capella – The Ship

11.         Barque Capella – The Trip

12.         The Mutiny

13.         First Supper in America

14.         The Morning After

15.         Employee Picnic

16.         A Little History



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