The Mutiny

[or – “The Arrival to Baltimore Harbor”]


The ship was a buzz with activity because it was anticipated that they would land in Baltimore later that day.  Everyone was making sure that bedding was rolled, clothes packed, and house wares secured.  Many came topside when land was sighted.  As they neared Baltimore, a tug came out to turn them away.  They were being refused entry. 


Apparently they had come to the wrong Port Baltimore.  There was a new port that took only steam powered ships and the old port that still took sailing ships.  The passengers did not understand that they had to go only a few miles south to get to the proper port.


The families were almost out of food and some were totally out.  There hadn’t been a rain of any size for almost a week to replenish the water supply so they were suffering from dehydration.  Passengers were trying to jump off the ship to swim ashore and other rushed the crew to mutiny.


As in any good story, the heavens opened up and drops of water fell on the hot collared passengers, cooling them off.  Everybody ran for pots and jars to catch the water and the ship headed south-the mutiny averted.


After landing in Old Baltimore, passenger shoved and pushed to get off the ship.  Anna Marie was carrying the quilt down the gang plank when someone crowded between her and her mother.  She and the quilt went off the gangplank.  Fortunately they were close enough to the dock that a man reached out and grabbed the falling quilt.  Anna was hanging on to the quilt so tightly that she was saved falling into the ocean. 



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