[The Trip Across]


Anna did not take well to sea life and was ill the entire trip.  She stayed below and her family took care of her.  On the 3 month journey, they ran into very little rain so the water supply was extremely limited.  Andrej gave the family supply first to Anna trying to keep her hydrated and alive.  The children sometimes went a day or two without any water. 


By the end of the trip, the family had consumed most of their food and had to carefully ration what they had.  Most food had to be eaten dry as there was limited facility to be able to cook.  Dried fruits and vegetables, unsoaked or cooked did little to help with dehydration.


John and another boy his age were hungry all the time.  They found that the shipís cook, who cooked for the crew only, was an occasional source of food.  The ships cook made a hot meal-possibly oat meal.  When the boys would come begging for food, he would plop a spoonful of the hot gooey mush into their hands.  It would burn and they would flop it back and forth between their hands until it cooled enough to eat.  They were hungry enough not to turn loose of it no matter how hot.  John didnít know if the cook was being kind or if he was cruel and enjoyed their pain.



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