Barque Capella

This is a combination of Grandma’s story and some research

I did on what a Barque looked like.


A barque is square-rigged at fore and main masts, and differs from a ship in having no top, and carrying only fore-and-aft sails at her mizzenmast.  She has at least three masts. All of them are rigged with at least three square sails each, except for the stern most one, which is rigged with fore-and-aft sails.  The large belly of the ship was partitioned into stalls for hauling cattle.  The same wood used to make the partitions was then set horizontally to make bunks for families.  Bunks could be 2 or 3 high depending on the ship.  A family would rent bunks.  The Rezabek family rented a single bunk for the entire family and all their possessions.  A bunk was around 6’x 8’ but there was not enough space between bunks for an adult to stand.  The Rezabeks had a floor bunk so if someone fell out, it wasn’t far but they also had to watch closer that their food wasn’t stolen.  Even a floor bunk was raised as water could come in through the hatches in bad weather.  Anything directly on the bottom would get wet.


Each family was required to bring enough food for their family for the entire 3 months.  They also were to bring water to supplement what the ship would provide.  They would be allotted a small container per family or bunk every day.   The ship’s supply of water was replenished by catch water.




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