Taking the Bones to the Bone House


When the Rezabeks were planning on leaving the area, one of the chores they had to do was go have the bones of their relatives dug up and moved to the bone house.  Being buried was not for eternity as it is here.  Bodies were buried and in the case of Anna, when her land usage ran out so did the grave rights.  It is unclear if the bodies could stay there for only a certain period of time and the time just coincided with the end of the land use, or if possibly the burial plot was a right of land usage or if they just knew they wouldn’t be there to pay the rent any more. 


Only the bones were given to the family.  Anna wrapped her bones in her apron and took them to the bone house.  One of her daughters went with her and they walked home in a pouring rain. 


In some parishes it wasn’t really a house but a large pit where bones were just dumped and then covered over periodically.  Some churches put them in caverns underneath the church. Some churches even used them as decoration. It was the equivalent of condemning the dead to the poor house.



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