Contributed Family Stories


 “The Journey Across excepts from “Memories From My Grandmother (Bessie Rezabek Kubert)”, written and contributed by Marci Christensen, Great grand-daughter of John Rezabek, son of Andrej [Andrew]. (1979, 2007).

-     Marci interviewed and recorded her Grandmother’s memories several years before her passing.  Several of those recollections also relate to the Bochnicek and Spacek family history describing the life and customs, of old Bohemia, their immigration to America, and arrival to a new land, speaking no English.  These short stories lend us a deeper appreciation and insight into their lives.




            I have supplemental  into 3 additional parts that shows the connection between the Rezabek and Bochnicek families in their home village Radkovice, Bohemia (now located in the Czech Republic, Western Bohemia District) and their migration to St. Louis, Missouri. 

o      The Rezabek Family Tree (as found on Ms. Christensen’s original website)

o      Copy of the Ship Bark Capella’s manifest showing the immigration party from Radkovice and surrounding villages (Zinkovy Estate) destination St. Louis, Missouri.

o      Excerpts of the transcribed passenger list from the ship's manifest as found on the website  "Immigrants Transcriber’s Guild", with corrections




-- More stories Coming in 2008!



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